CornholeAce Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

You advertise that these airmail boxes are at the proper height and slope of a regulation cornhole board. Why are these not regulation?

We can ensure you that our product is properly advertised! Our product falls within the acceptable tolerances defined by the American Cornhole League (ACL).  If your particular cornhole board set has a slightly different surface height than our airmail box, it might still be within the acceptable tolerance range defined by the ACL.  Here are the official regulations for ACL cornhole boards:

American Cornhole League Rules and Regulations 1. Equipment a. Boards i. Boards shall be made of wood for use in ACL sanctioned events. The most common types are birch and oak. ii. Boards shall have a finished coat that features a smooth texture. iii. Boards must measure two feet wide and four feet long, with a ±1/4 inch tolerance. iv. The hole must be 6 inches (±1/8 inch) in diameter, centered widthwise. 1. The center of the hole must be 9 inches (±1/8 inch) from the back edge of the board v. Boards must have a minimum top layer thickness of ½ inch with cross-section support, or ¾ inch without cross-section support. vi. Boards must have a weight of at least 15 pounds. vii. The front edge of the board should be raised between 2.5 and 3.5 inches above the ground. viii. The top of the board should rest 12 inches above the ground (±1/4 inch). ix. No foreign substances may be applied to a board after it has been purchased from a manufacturer. 1. Substances include but are not limited to baby powder, cleaning spray, and silicone sprays. 2. A dry cloth may be used to wipe down a board prior to play.

As you can see, the acceptable tolerance for the top of the board measures from 11.75 inches to 12.25 inches As for the height of our airmail box, it measures 11.625 inches from the bottom point of the rubber strips to the very top point of the airmail box.  If you where to extend the playing surface of our airmail box out to a regulation sized surface, it falls within the 12.25 inch height tolerance requirement.  Our airmail boxes are stackable so if you do not unstack the airmail boxes, then the top of the second airmail box will be approximately 1 inch higher than regulation.